Add Calendar to Thunderbird - no events are displayed

I’m running nextcloud 17.0.3 and have several user on it.
For my user it’s possible to add my calendar to thunderbird via the address
If I take this URL and past it in the browser, this message is displayed:
“This is the WebDAV interface. It can only be accessed by WebDAV clients such as the Nextcloud desktop sync client.” So the access seems to work, and the calendar in thunderbird is also working fine.

Another user is doing exactly the same on his laptop. Adding the calendar to thunderbird works without any error message or else, but no single event is displayed. And if he copies the URL to his browser another message appears:

Not Found

Technische Details

  • Entfernte Adresse:
  • Anfragekennung: QjoV9KdPipE9J4kc4gL6

But what does he has to do to get access?

Check the DNS setup of the relevant client. If"" is not resolvable on the desktop it isn’t possible to access any content on the server. Have you tried to access the Nextcloud web gui using a browser from that PC?

Yes, the domain is resolved perfectly from all devices. The user can also access the web gui via, but Thunderbird won’t display any events from that calendar via caldav.

Does the user has any special characters or spaces in their username ?

Not the username, but the calendar is called “persönlich” (which means “personal” in english). But this name was given by nextcloud itself.

I am having the same problem. Everything seems to be working fine, it even prompted me for login information and everything, but no events are showing.

@laura_lacewingtech, do you also have a calendar with umlauts?
@exaveal do still have this problem?

Sorry for the late answer.
Yes still the same error. But I gave up, don’t know what to do anymore …

How exactly are you doing this on Thunderbird? Do you have the latest version of a CalDAV provider installed?

Okay, the cause was Thunderbird. I wasn’t aware Thunderbird was not the latest version. After updating Thunderbird the problem was gone.