Add calendar in Outlook app on Android phone

I have the Outlook app installed on my Android phone. How can I add the calendar of NC into it? I also have the DAVdroid app installed.

right now i dont see any way to connect your outlook-app to NC. or could you chose davdroid from the menu “calendar-apps”?

I only can choose Evernote, Facebook, Wunderlist and Meetup.

same with my fresh installation - together with a hint that more apps are about to be released…
but maybe you could chose evernote or suche nd then trying to put your credentials?

No, that’s not possible. Do you know another email app with a calendar that supports davdroid?

if it comes to just ONE app i really don’t know. i use two. one for emailing (K9) and one for a calendar (there are several doing this job) i would rather flow with simple calendar. but i am open to new suggestions as well

Ok, thank you for your help.

Maybe anotherone knows an email app with a calendar, that support davdroid?

i asked everybodys darling “google” and found 2 andoid apps that might fit… the first one isn’t freeware at all (2 weeks of free testing, though) and it’s called 9 email & calendar (made by 9folders inc.), the second one seems to be in german (i dunno how andf if it’s internationalized) and is called “blue mail email & kalender app” (made by blue mail inc.)

I also tried Blue Mail, but couldn’t sync the calendar of NC. I’ll take a look at 9 email & calendar.

In the 9 email & calendar app I can’t sync the calendar of NC either.

dunno why… caldav is implemented as a standard in nc, using standard-protocols.

It’s standard for NC yes, but not for 9 email & calendar app, I can’t find these settings in the app.

I have a samsung that came with the apps “Contacten” , “Agenda” and “Takenlijst” . These 3 apps (contacts/calendar/tasks) sync with NC(13) using DAVx5 .