Add additional resources (binary blob) to app

what is the correct way to add some additional (binary) blobs to an app?

I try build a simple app based on “the vue” example :grinning:
As I need binary data in JavaScript (ML model) I would like to have some folder like “/models” in the app. I would like to put the data there (e.g. download it to there) and use it in JavaScript like

Use a controller through which you access the storage

for storage you can either use the user storage if the user is supposed to access the data or use app data otherwise

Thank you.
I tried that. Is there a way to put files in this app file storage before shipping the app?
I think of a folder or something and use it (when the app is installed) like described here:

No but you could use a post-installation repair step to populate the directory with that data

Is there an example for that? Some app that does something like that?

user_ldap in the server repo IIRC