Add a Forum on a Nextcloud server - user data base integration

I’d like to add a Forum on my Nextcloud server so that the users can discuss all together.
It is easy to install a Forum software and add the link to this forum with “external sites”.
But the key point is to set a unique account management, so that the users have automatically a Forum account when they create a Nextcloud account.
I think it could be possible using Wordpress + a forum plugin like BBPress+ Ldap user data base commun with nextcloud.

Any idea ?

Here is the solution : we can use Wordpress MySQL database for Nextcloud user database.
See app User and Group SQL Backends

It works perfectly !


Wait - you made it to install a Forum Software within Wordpress? If so: Is there a more detailed manual?
Thank, Sebastian

a phpbb plugin for Users of Nextcloud would be nice
or a plugin for simplemachines to be able for login
at the forum and the nextcloud is the extension…
or a plugin for Nextcloud to have a internal forum with PHPBB or simplemachines
internal of the Nextcloud with the nextcloud database together…
this would really cool.