Activity and Logging sections in admin's setting shows blank pages

Hello, I am running a Nextcloud server version 28.0.0 RC2 with Nginx and ph8.3 on an Ubuntu 22.04 PC.
As described in the title my problem is that Activity and Logging sections in admin’s settings return both an empty page. I am experiencing this issue since I first installed Nextcloud version 24.0.0.

I already tried deleting “logreader” app and reinstalling it, disabling “theming” app, run “occ maintenance:repair”, did also a manual upgrade of the server some time ago.
I checked Nextcloud logs for related errors, as well as nginx and php logs but I didn’t find anything relevant.
The only useful information could be the following error in my browser console:

Failed to load module script: Expected a JavaScript module script but the server responded with a MIME type of “application/octet-stream”. Strict MIME type checking is enforced for module scripts per HTML spec.

Any tips about how to solve this?

edit: I can see activity and logs correctly on the Android client but not on the web app

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Same here:

sudo -u nginx /usr/bin/php8.1 /Tools/nextcloud/occ -V
Nextcloud 28.0.0

I have this issue aswell on Nextcloud 28 Running LSIO’s Docker on Unraid. I want to see the logs due to it says I have 4 warnings in the Overview and that I should look into the logs. I also noticied I cannot send Usage Statistics manually (not even automatically maybe) so the devs should be concerned about it.

There is a workaround on the GitHub logreader repo.

I fixed editing “mime.types” file located in /etc/nginx/, replacing the following line:

application/javascript js;


application/javascript js mjs;

Then restarting Nginx and php-fpm.

However it should be fixed in Nextcloud v.28.0.1.

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Not fixed in 28.0.1 or am I wrong? I still have this.

Not wrong. I have it also. Empty Logging and also empty Activity page.

I have a strong suspicion that it has something to do with APCu cache settings. If I try to look at the log using the occ command, it doesn’t work until I add “–define apc.enable_cli=1” to the command line. Maybe underneath those pages, the occ cli is used?

I’ll see if I can confirm that. If I can, then I’ll send a bug report.

application/javascript js mjs;

This is not a workaround - it’s a requirement for Nextcloud as of NC27. Please see the Admin Manual and search for “mjs”.

No, this is not a bug. It’s an indication that your web server is not configured to handle mjs files properly. The NC27 Admin Manual documented adjustments to web server configurations that would be required. Many people did not notice any obvious problems until upgrading to NC28 when mjs files became more heavily used.

There were at the same time two other - technically unrelated matters - that impacted the logreader app, that arose for some people that also created some confusion:

  1. There was a bug specific to logreader (not Activity) that impacted people in v28.0.0, but has since been fixed. The symptom here was a “syntax error” message visible in the nextcloud.log.
  2. Many browser extension ad blockers seem to have problems with some aspect of the components used for the logreader (a false positive). This leads to an empty log view in the web UI.

Some people were also unlucky enough to encounter all three matters simultaneously. :slight_smile:


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