Activities of some users aren't recognized -> no notification

After updating to 26.0 we ran in real problem: We have groupfolders with our internal workgroup (A) and a customers workgroup (B) as groups.

  • If a user of our workgroup A creates, modifies or deletes a file or folder the activity appears in his (A) activity-log but not in the activity-log of our customers (B).
  • If a user from our customers workgroup (B) creates, changes or deletes a file or folder the activity is recognized in our activity-log but not in the log of our customer.

As a result he (B) get’s no notification whenever we (A) do something with the content of the groupfolder. The strange thing is, that we have about 60 groupfolders. Some of them work as expected. Most of them do not. Even after 4 days of desperatly searching and comparing we have no clue what the problem could be.

We have triple checked the user and admin-settings.

I sounds like tough stuff you hit.

keep looking for reasons, commons and differences of the different folders and users… likely there is something you don’t see now

Maybe it works if the user who performs changes belong to both groups maybe there is something else. I would recommend you the audit app/log… In my eyes this make all actions very clear and visible… you might see patterns you don’t detect using regular nextcloud.log