Activation page for nextcloud Pi

I read on NextCloudPi renamed to NextCloudPlus, gets a new website, improved ncp-web, docker, languages and more – Own your bits that passwords are no longer required:
Quote: "No more default passwords
The initial setup process have been improved to make it lazy proof. There are no default passwords anymore, and fewer steps to follow.
If we navigate to nextcloudplus.local, we will be greeted with an activation page "(end of quote)

But how do I get to nextcloudplus.local? As far as I understand, this is the local IP address of the Raspberry Pi. But both https: // ip-address_raspi: 4443 and ip-address_raspi alone are getting errors: ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED (with Google Chrome) or SERVER_NOT_REACHABLE (with Firefox or from Safari_on_mac). So where is my mistake?

My configuration: image get from Index of /downloads/NextCloudPi_RPi_11-27-20/ (, written on a SD-card and booted with it a Raspberry Pi 4 B, 4x 1,5 GHz, 8 GB RAM, WLAN, BT (SSH activated with file SSH in the boot-directory)
Errors during boot: failed to start Apache HTTP server (may be the cause of the problem?) and failed to start MariaDB