Activating High Performance Backend in Truenas Nextcloud Plugin

Is it possible to activate the high performance backend in the Truenas plugin? Saw this great article today but it’s for linux (systemd specifically) and Apache but the plugin uses Nginx.

please use the search function, there is a really cool guide available:

you might need some tweaks for the specific system but it covers lot of aspects of this feature already…

Thanks, I was searching on truenas specifically so missed this. I’m not as familiar with the BSD way of doing things so struggling with the translation. Any idea if this is in the timeline to become part of the default install?

I’m not aware if there are any plans to include id with default install. Shortly someone mentioned he build a fully automated docker with HPB included - but I don’t find it now…

EDIT: found the link to the solution: Setting up Files (High Performance Backend) - #12 by vampirismtrueblood

Thanks. I’ll see if there’s a place to make a feature request. Seems like it would be a good thing for everyone!