Activating an Apps - ask for password

Hello, i just upgraded to Nextcloud 11, without any problems
But now i would like to activate an app, and i am asked for a password.
And i tried nearly every password, but none of them works. … What password is this?

Can i reset this password somewhere?


Hmmmm i just logged out and logged in again, and now it works (i mean i get no password dialog) …

Password is your own password. Think of it as some kind of sudo. The password is saved in the session for a short amount of time afaik so you dont have to re-enter it.

I think i found the problem, i use “LDAP user and group backend 1.1.1” and my current user is a user from the LDAP - and if i wuld like to activate an app, i am asked for the password again.
And there i can’t enter my passowrd - none is accpeted, i have to logout from nextcloud and login again, than it works to activate an app … therefore it’s not a big problem for me