Accounting/Invoicing Workflow or App

I run a very small business and don’t like the idea of paying for online accounting. I use a simple system of invoicing and am starting to think about using it with Nextcloud. But I am wondering if anyone can give me advice that might improve the system.
Create a folder called 2019 - sub folders for months and then invoice001 etc document that can then be shared by email. Any supplier invoices would be uploaded.
A spreadsheet in 2019 is then used to tally as I go along.
I am also wondering how hard would it be to develop an app that could create the invoices and tally etc using Contact details and supplier details.
Any thoughts on developing something like that. Is it costly/big etc.

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I know it’s two years from this post let say ;). But, in the Laravel, or other frameworks, it’s easy to do it. In a plain scripting language like PHP, I would not even try it. Too slow.

There are already FREE solutions out there. But, I do agree, CRM from Nextcloud + Invoicing system makes sense.

We’re building now Laravel project and we are going to connect it with our NextCloud. Only, it’s not an invoicing, but a whole lot of an app. Don’t know of any Laravel Invoicing with API for Nextcloud. Someone would have to create it.

Hi. Have you created an app accounting regarding to norwegian rules integrated with nextcloud?