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I would like to close my account under GDPR - this includes my email, all account data and log files like past logins and every message i posted on this website(s). Especially the last part. Sadly i couldnt find an option for that in my user CP (how can such a site miss such an option). How can i do that?

I don’t believe GDPR is that point-blank…

Your posts containing personal information (or information that can be used to identify you personally) you can request to be deleted under GDPR.
Any generic posts - e.g. “The Earth is flat” - are not in this category and can be handled at Nextcloud’s discretion.

But don’t worry, Nextcloud head of PR is a GDPR expert. If you make enough noise he’ll show up and set you straight…

Great; id just like to be removed here if possible without any traces and i got annoyed that i couldnt do it myself

You mean Jos? Yes I do wonder though about the company as a whole. I made a request according to GDPR here on the forum but was told by him to use the contact form on their website. This was well over a month ago. Just to make sure I re-submitted my request but still nothing other than the autoreply…

This reminds me an old joke of the Cold Wat era…
Do I have the right to do [this and that]?” Of course! We live in a free country!
Can I do [this and that]?” Hmmm… Not really…


I still havent heard anything. It would be nice to reselve this issue soon. If i get no answers here i guess i have to send emails aswell. It would be nice to find a public solution though for people with the same issue

cc @rakekniven @jospoortvliet rm -rf ThoJan

It’s the wrong channel - as our website’s privacy policy states, you have to use our contact form to request this.

And obviously, and unlike ‘gatak’ did, you have to include account details so we can actually do anything with it - like user name and email address.

Anyhow, I’ll delete your account as best as I can - that will mean all posts become ‘anonymous’, as that is how deletion works. If you have any particular post you want us to delete, just send a list of posts through our contact form.

By the way, at some point I thought discourse would allow users themselves to get rid of accounts, but this does not seem to be possible (anymore?). That’d be a nice ‘feature’ as that saves the effort of admins to have to deal with it… At least ppl can download all their data from their settings.

Quick fyi, all of this documentation is found at

Seems that by default the user can self-delete account if only 1 post or less and their account is less than a few days old. Otherwise, an admin can:

  • Delete user account
  • Anonymize user account
  • Suspend the user account

I like the anonymize option since it keeps discussion intact, but I’m not a GDPR expert by any means. See this discussion on the topic. Search there to read more on it.

Ah, useful link. Yeah, the deletion doesn’t work as long as there are posts from the user, and you can’t delete posts older than 60 days → such accounts can only be anomimized.

Which is fine as all posts here are under the creative commons license, so we can keep them. The GPDR isn’t a copyright law and doesn’t say users own their posts - just their personal data :wink: So posts that contain personal data can be deleted, of course - but you can do that yourself, as user, as you can delete individual posts… Or ask us, if needed.

Any (@admin) can fully delete any user. The users simply can no longer delete themselves once they begin posting beyond minimums listed above afaik. I suggest anonymizing the user account in order to not lose their posts entirely while still scrubbing their username and mentions. Either method works.

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Hey, as mentioned somewhere, i asked for account deletion through the contact form at a few weeks ago.
I never received any kind of response despite the autoreply message and the account is still active.

What needs to be done to get the account deleted?

I can’t find a ‘delete account’ button in the settings
Can I haz this account deleted plz,
Thank you

Please delete my account!

Please remove my account!