Accessing the server from an untrusted or different IP address. Workaround

The problem arises when you change the IP address of your server and access it in a browser on you LAN. (eg https://192.168.1.x)

Adding the server to the Trusted zone fails with error in the sharing section.
No server to federate with found.

  1. Setup new NC Server with DHCP Nic address.
  2. Set static IP and the add untrusted server msg in the server link causes browser to return to DHCP address. Which in not there.
  3. Return Server to DHCP address, login and there is a message to add Static IP to Trusted Zone.

Possible Feature to be able to add an LAN IP address before changing the Server.

I accept. There maybe a way around this in the current settings.

I have 2 Servers and both can run offline and share things with each other!

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