Accessing the Nextcloud data folder with other protocols


I am running a installation of Nextcloud 10.1 in a jail on a FreeNas-box in my home. I really like the gallery feature and have all my photos in a folder for my user. However, I like to use digiKam (or similar software) for photo management and having access to all my photos “locally” on the machine I work on would be a really nice thing. I have a webDav mount now, but it is not recognized by digiKam, and it is painfully slow so I would like to use something else, like a network share or SSH or something. The data is on a separate dataset mounted into the FreeNas jail, so I have a lot of freedom in managing it.

Are there any issues with having access to the data that Nextcloud itself can’t know about? If I do this, images would be changed, moved, or possibly uploaded/renamed without going through the server. I am still very new to the *nix and hosting world, so I can’t tell if this is an OK or stupid idea. Any thoughts, or better yet, suggestions how to make webDav work better? I am using Ubuntu on the workstation

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As far as I know, access has to go through Nextcloud, or webdav. I’m pretty sure direct file access/changes would cause issues.

Yes direct file changes are not a good idea.

You coud also use the sync client to sync it locally to use in digikam.

That could ish work, but to use the full potential of digiKam it would be awesome to have access to all files at the same time. It is not so much editing that is what I want out of it, it is to use the tagging system to organize my collection and that would be much better with the entire collection available. I guess I need to keep thinking about how to deploy it properly.

Does this also hold true for mounted external storage?

You can use external storage for this purpose. You directly access this storage with your camera or other device and still use the folder in Nextcloud.

That sounds awesome. I shall try and set it up and see how well it works. Thanks for all quick help all!