Accessing subdomain through local IP adress

Hello everyone,
I’m sure this topic came up before (mainly here: How to make NextCloud url as "<local_ip_address>/nextcloud" instead of subdomain like many are suggesting?) but for some reason I feel the need to ask again.

So I have my nextcloud installation perfectly set up at and everything is working nicely.
Now it would be nice to be able to access through my local IP address so:
I know that cloud. won’t work but my question really is if there is an easy way to configure apache or host files or whatever else to make this work.

Greetings eikes

On your router’s DNS resolver, setup the host overrides so that it redirects to the LAN IP of your reverse proxy. Thus, when you try to navigate to the website, your router will have you go to the device hosting this reverse proxy instead.

This setup will actually allow you to have a Nextcloud server that is not exposed to the internet and only accessible on LAN. You do need a way to renew certificates if you choose to go down the route of a LAN reachable only server since it involves not exposing port 80 and 443. I use DNS verification for this myself.