Accessing Nextcloud AIO Mastercontainer from Internet

Nextcloud version: 26.0.3
Operating system and version: Debian
Apache or nginx version: Nextcloud AIO
PHP version: Nextcloud AIO

The issue you are facing:
I have installed Nextcloud AIO and everything is nice and dandy! Thanks!

I face only a small inconvenience when trying to update. Right now in the administrative section of NC I have a link: “Open Nextcloud AIO Interface” to my Mastercontainer with an authentication token. The problem is that this link is a local IP link like Open Nextcloud AIO Interface and this works only when I access it from LAN or via VPN.

As a small user I am not always there, sometimes on the road, sometimes on machines where I do not want to use the VPN.

The question: can this link updated to use the canonical link of my Nextcloud installation ( or is this considered a security feature and its disabled?


Hi, see the note at the end of this section:

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many thanks, it worked!

  1. Prepare the accesibility for the AIO interface. This is mainly a redirect of the 8080 port on the machine where Nextcloud is now working. My nginx reverse proxy its even masking this one my AIO being now available at for example! (no port required…)
  2. Access the nextcloud AIO interface from the administrative page of the nextcloud instance
  3. Stop all containers
  4. Access the nextcloud AIO interface from the link prepared at point 1. Keep your AIO password handy :wink:
  5. Start all containers from this new link.
  6. Enjoy! Check in the Nextcloud admin section that the link was updated! :wink:

Forgot the most important:
0. RTFM! :smiley: