Accessing External Storage no files - Docker


I have a NextCloud running on Docker on a small Qnap box.
This is the image i am using: Docker Hub

Everything is working very fine except for one thing - We have an external storage we want to access through NextCloud.

The situation is currently that the external storage is mounted correctly via the GUI inside NextCloud, but users see an emtpy folder without any files/folder in it?

We have made sure, using bash, that all files are accessible via the NextCloud machine and also that permissions/ownership on the files and folders are www-data.

I have looked at some forum posts stating that you woud need to run an update command to register all files in the database? the sudo -u php update… command is not working on this image, is this the way and can someone guide me in the right direction?

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I am using Snappy Nextcloud, and the command of updating files is:

nextcloud.occ files:scan --all