Accessing a tor-hosted Nextcloud server using the windows desktop and ios apps

I am hosting a nextcloud server on a separate device over tor and I would like to add my nextcloud account to a Windows desktop app and the ios app. When I am prompted to enter the server address and I enter it (ending in .onion) I get the following error message:

“Failed to connect to Nextcloud at <server address ending in .onion> not found.”

Is there a way to add the account to these devices?

Hi @capitan

I can’t give you detailed instructions. But i can say that much…

.onion domains are not accessible directley via a normal internet connection. In order for an application to connect to an .onion domain, either the entire traffic of the system it runs on, or at least the traffic of the respective application must be routed through the Tor network somehow. The Tor Browser package does this out of the box, i.e. all necessary tools and settings are already provided and configured accordingly with the Tor Browser application package.

In principle, it is also possible to route the traffic of other applications through the Tor network, but this requires some kind of proxy service that connects to the Tor network. The Nextcloud Desktop Client must then connect to this proxy service instead of using the normal Internet connection of your computer. Such a proxy can run locally on your computer or on a seperate server in your local network. I myself have no experience on how to set this up… But the support section on the website of the Tor project might be a good starting point to read up on how it works in general. A warning in advance… This whole thing is not quite trivial unfortunately…

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