Access via untrusted domain - Nextcloud on Ubuntu Server

Hello Dears,

I have a problem with accessing my nextcloud after changing the domain name. I have already added my new domain name as trusted domains but no luck. I have checked config/config.php file and it was empty. Can anyone tell me what are the steps to recover data with this situation? I have already checked older posts related this issue and tried many things described on the posts but no luck.

Unfortunately you’ve totally ignored the provided template. Please describe IN DETAIL how your environment looks like, how your network looks like, what software version you’re using, which url you’re using to access your server, which error message ist displayed, etc., etc.

I would give more information if I was able to log in. That’s why I have started this topic. Nextcloud was running on Ubuntu 18 server and I have no issue with the Ubuntu server. Ihave only changed my domain name, added as trusted domain and then it was gone. I have checked config.php and it was empty. Any suggestions much appreciated except unrelated questions such as environment network software version urls just need to know why config.php was empty.

except unrelated questions such as environment network software version urls

The fact that this is unrelated to you and you do not want to take the effort of supplying this information is reason to not help you further.

Your config.php is empty because you opened the wrong not existing file.
and don’t say you didn’t cause your not supplying proof.

  • Where exactley did you change the domain name?
  • What web server are you using and how is it configured? (Apache, Nginx…? )
  • How did you install your Nextcloud? (Manual installation on Linux? Docker? Some appliance like Nextcloud AIO? At home behind NAT? On a shared webspace? On a VPS?)
  • What exactley happens if you are trying to access your Nextcloud? (Error messages, HTTP status codes)

You are providing zero details about your setup! We need configs and error messages in order to be able to help!