"access through untrusted domain" from Docker image

I’m hosting on my Windows 10 box with the official NextCloud docker container, using MiraDB (installed natively on Windows). Everything is up and working locally, but when trying to access my NextCloud instance from other computers, whether on the LAN or over the internet, I get the well known error, “access through untrusted domain”.

I know I’m supposed to edit the php.config file, and if this were running natively in Linux or in VMWare or VirtualBox, I’d be able to do that. But how in the world do I access ANYTHING inside the virtualized environment when it’s launched in a Docker container? All I understand with Docker is starting the container, then access NextCloud from a browser on my host PC.

(I just installed it Sunday and got it all (except for SSL) working by Monday night (last night)).


I dont use Windows, on Linux box, to get into the container, you would open a terminal and issue following command:

docker exec -ti container_name bash

If SSH is enabled, you could possibly connect thru Putty.
Never tried the ‘official’ NC docker, always used the one from the NCP (NextCloudPi)
It is possible to add the trusted domain when creating the container like this:

DOMAIN= # example for allowing an IP
DOMAIN=myclouddomain.net # example for allowing a domain
docker run -d -p 443:443 -p 80:80 -v ncdata:/data --name nextcloudpi ownyourbits/nextcloudpi $DOMAIN

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Thanks! I’ll try that.

My final solution was to switch my primary computer to Linux this past weekend (been thinking of doing that for 20 years now and finally made the plunge), then install NextCloud natively. Everything’s working now, with the exception of the client apps not backing everything up, but that’s another thread.