Access through untrusted domain, add IP, still can't connect


New to nextxloud here. I’m try to install it in my truenas server. When I try to it, I got : Access through untrusted domain.

I did add the ip I try to log from into the config.php ( not easy to find in truenas jails… ) but with no luck.

I running a opnsense router in to my network, is it possible that it is the cause ?


You should put the full domain name (not the IP) in trusted_domains and make sure to use the name when connecting.

Since you have OPNsense, you can use your local DNS to set up split-horizon DNS so it resolves to the LAN IP while on your LAN, and then you use the full name to connect regardless of location.

I wan to connnect via a computer into local network, should I put local_domail ? Or in the circonstance it shoud be normal to use IP?

The trusted_domains mechanism was designed for a domain name. You can use an IP address, but it’s far from ideal and will likely cause you other problems. Since you have OPNsense already, it would be relatively easy to set up split DNS.

Ok. I’m able to go to login page ! fine.

Notice that I that it didn’t work at first because I tried with the manage link into nextcloud that use the server IP.

If I try with the domain directly into chrome, the it work. At least for now… :stuck_out_tongue: