Access not synced files

Hello Guys,

I wondering if i can realize the following usecase: My Users have large files. So they don’t want to sync all those large files to the local filesystem. So can they somehow access those not synced files on the client for example only when they’re online?

They’re using the Desktop-Client for macOS.

In my opinion, a WebDav connection would be an easy solution.

The new virtual drive NC client would be another option, although I think it’s still in testing. Sorry if this is not the most current info; I haven’t used it personally.

WebDAV is also a possibility. I have a particular folder that is quite large. I tell the NC client to not sync it, and then I access that folder via a separate WebDAV map, or just through the browser.

Thanks for your fast and great answers, the virtual drive for nc client seems interresting, i’ll have a look at it.