Access Nextcloud via WebDav on Win10

I am trying to access my Nextcloud via WebDav using Win10. I would like to create a network folder. When using the following address (via internet), everything is working properly:


However, I am wondering if it is possible to use WebDav in order to access the nextcloud via LAN. My nextcloud is running on But trying to connect to is not working. Win is telling me that this network address is not reachable.

So, what is the correct address to use on a local basis?

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Did u try https://…?

If it doesn’t work in Windows 10 natively then you can try Netdrive:

It works for me in win10, i will check the command i use later when i am near my pc and post it here

net use z: https:/ /persistent:yes /user:USERNAME PASSWORD works for me, you could replace with ip address if the ip is listed as allowed domain in config.php

where this " /persistent:yes /user:USERNAME PASSWORD" is optional and obviously not recommended to use in a script for security reasons normally…

Work that for you? After reboot of windows 10 i cant login again to the cloud as networkdrive.

I have NC as webdavs network drive after a reboot. But it is not connected, although I set the username/password to be saved. So I have to click on the network drive once, confirm the username+password and I am done.

It is very slow though, but at least it works.

On nextcloudpi I also tried samba but that does not work with the default config since it allows guest logins by default which Windows 10 seems to refuse.

What mainboard do you use? Mine is a rpi2 and webdav is slow on some actions, i think directory listing is main culprit here. Transfer rates are ok however. I will however find out how this is on a rpi4 with 4gig ram in a week or so because i am building a system for a friend.

I use a Raspberry Pi 4 with 4GB RAM. Moved the whole system to an external USB Raid though.

Some things are really slow, but I do not think that it is due to the board but rather Nextcloud bugs. For example getting the photos from within the Android app.


that is my full script i use to mount the drive on login (through taskplaner):

@echo off
net use z: /delete
echo mit USERNAME verbinden
timeout /T 3 /nobreak >NUL
net use z: https://your.domain.tld/remote.php/dav/files/USERNAME/ /persistent:yes /user:USERNAME PASSWORD

You also can use the windows nextcloud app i think. Ok i use only Debian Linux on desktop and server.

Only works for synced folders

Really? What a pity.

Yes, that is the reason i mount the Cloud with RaiDrive :slight_smile:

Linux clients have less problems with WebDAV. I can use file manager and “davfs2”

With Windows test “'net use”:

net use Z: https://<drive_path>/remote.php/dav/files/USERNAME/ /user:youruser

Difference to graphical windows mount?

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No difference i think, but it works :slight_smile:

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