Access Nextcloud on Proxmox from anywhere

Hy there. Please help.
I have an installation of NC on Proxmox (Ubuntu 23.04) as CT but i cannot access it from outside my network with ZeroTier on my phone or on my PC with the ip adress shown in ZeroTier for my server.
I have ports 80 and 443 forwarded on my router and in Nextcloud.
Thank you.

Hi @johnnys25s

Sounds more like a ZeroTier question than a Nextcloud question to me. Also why would you forward Port 80 and 443 if you are using an Overlay Network solution like ZeroTier? I don’t use it myself, but afaik the hole point of ZeroTier is to “mesh” together a bunch of computers on different locations, without having to expose them directly to the internet.

I would recommend you first understand how ZeroTier works, and then evaluate if it is even the right solution for your usecase, and then maybe come back here if there are specific issues with Nextcloud in combination with ZeroTier.

Thank you very much for your answer. It is actually a very good one.
I will go and ask the ZeroTier community also for this problem.
I thought to put my problem in here first time because when i type “sudo zerotier-cli listnetworks” i get no network list. I get an answer (first line) but no second line.
I have had also problem with my (connection) “network card”. If i used to type ifconfig the ZeroTier network didn’t appear. I had to add manually that network, and then was ok.
Thank you.

For those who have the same question, problem.
I found the solution… it will not work if the NC is installed in a CT on Proxmox.
You have to installed it in a VM on Proxmox !
It is not a ZeroTier problem !
Thank you.

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