Access my share folder on next cloud

Hi, I have an Asustor AS1004T. I installed Next-cloud and it is amazing, however, I need to access my smb share file (about 11Tb) that was already on the NAS from next-cloud web. There is not any option to do that from the setting on the web. I know that you can mount the share on one of the folders where next cloud store the data how ever I cannot find where is this on the asustor SSH connection. Please help me. thanks in advance.


This may help:

To access a previous smb share, you need to “move” this share inside the “data” directorie for nextcloud.

After that, you need to use the occ command files:scan

Thanks for your replay. How can I run that occ command file scan? The second question doing that I will not be able to access my files from the smb share in my local network then?

To run the occ command, two possibilities:

  • via ssh, su-doing a particular command line like this one to check the nextcloud version:
    sudo -u www-data php occ -V
    – Nextcloud version 9.0.0
    – Nextcloud version 16.0.1

  • via app called “Occweb”

check for more info

The smb share will be accessible on local share, but the files uploaded inside wont be visible by nextcloud unless an files:scan for nextcloud is is issue
sudo -u www-data php occ files:scan