Access external folders?

I just have a question. How do I access folders and files outside of nextcloud? Like I want to access my folders and files in my home folder (in Ubuntu 18.04). So how do I access my files in my home folder in nextcloud?

There is an app called external storage. That one allows you to mapp other storage than whats in the data folder.

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Yeah, but it says “External storage is not set up or you do not have permission to configure this”. Even though I’m the owner of this whole server…

It tells me this:

And I should have access to it because I’m literally the person who owns this nextcloud instance.

You will need to login as admin and go to settings. On the left you will find ‘External storages’.
Here you can either allow users to allow to setup external storage or setup external storage for your instance which you can share with all or limited number of users.