Access controls prevent user from deleting shared files

I have a share syncing (with the desktop client) between me and my friend, and I want him to be able to edit the files, but not delete them. Is that possible?


So…the permission didn’t show up for some reason. I remember you could select share, and then select the user and you could select that they can’t delete. It showed up this time so I can remove delete permissions. Will that work with the sync client though? If say my friend deletes the file on the sync client, will that spur a delete on the server?

It should work. However, if your friend can modify a file, he can also overwrite it with useless data.

That is true, I’m more concerned with accidental deletion than overwriting with useless data. I have had times in the past where I accidentally did a nuke of the directory (not move to trash) and it cleaned house on all my devices :grin: