Access control in external storage

hello , i connected an external storage via SFTP to my nextcloud ,

i made 2 users => user1 , user2

user1 can see files that uploaded by user2 in external storage and user2 can see files that has been uploaded by user1

i want that each user only could see his/her own files ( just like the local storage ) …

what do you suggest :?

as a workaround i was thinking about mounting the external storage as a folder in the os and using it as a data path for nextcloud … ( How do you use multiple HDDs in Nextcloud? )

do you think this way will solve my problem :?

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You could try to set this external storage as primary storage. I just ran into this problem and am trying to find a solution as well, I would be glad if you could share how you fixed it!


on my nextcloud instance, I created an SFTP external storage with the following path: /data/$user/

on the SFTP server, the /data folder needs then to contain 1 folder for each user:
/data/user1/ + /data/user2/

each user will then only see it’s own folder. Do not forget to manually create a folder for each new user that you would like to add !