Acces trough untrusted domain & ip change

Hello guys

I installed my nextcloud server on ubuntu 18.04, on a windows pc with the ubuntu app from the windows store. Linux is new for me so I followed this guide:

I got it up and running on my home server. When I just type in localhost/nexcloud everything works. I figured out that the ip of the ubuntu vm is:
When I type in the ip on the home server i get this message on the nextcloud page: ‘acces trough untrusted domain’.

Also when I type in the ip on a laptop on my local network, it just times out. Even when i change my ip adress from to I just dont get it why i can’t connect to the nexcloud server from another machine. And when a can make this connection I want to change the ip from the ubuntu machine to 192.168.1.x, but I don’t know how to do this.

And when all of this finally works, is there a way to change the port? My ISP blocks all ports below 1024 so when i need to portforward that will be a problem.

as I see so far you did your setup just fine, according to the youtube link, but don’t forget to write the adress of your machine (IP or qualified domain) in the following file:


in the trusted domain section.

otherwise your nextcloud will allways reject logins.

furthermore check if the webserver you use, in moste cases apache, is running fine.

check it with: systemctl status apache2.service

Let me summorize:

  1. You have Windows 10 machine with Ubuntu as Wundiws Subsystem Linux on it.
  2. You did install Nextcloud as normal (not docker/snap) package

From this point you need to enable network connectivity from network to WSL (ubuntu), check this out