"Accept" email meeting invitations doesn't work for external contacts


  • Nextcloud 20.0.7 (stable)
  • Calendar 2.1.3 (stable)

I send an automatic email meeting invitation through the Calendar App, by creating a meeting & adding an external email contact in the list of “Attendees”.

The external contact recipient successfully receives the meeting invitation by email, opens it and clicks on “Accept” button in the email body: it opens a web-page displaying the ERROR message “An error has occured […] please directly contact the administrator”


This bug greatly impacts collaborative work for professionals using NC, also generates a bad image towards external contacts new to NC : I hope it can be solved in the next NC release.

In the meantime, any advice to mitigate this critical bug are welcome :slight_smile: Long live to NC !


Keep in mind " you always get what you’re paying for"! In a profession environment you should have a Nextcloud support contract in place which allows you to directly contact the support team, so that the issue gets a higher severity. :wink:

BTW, the problem has already been addressed and might be solved in the future:

@j-ed thanks for your feedback. I have first look on the forum then asked to the technical support of my Nextcloud Hosting provider, but they were not sure how to fix it or if it was a bug…

Thanks for posting this github thread that I didn’t find out.

I have now succeeded in solving the issue going in Settings->Administration->Sharing, then disabling the checkbox “Restrict users to only share with users in their groups”.

From my first test it is working as expected now, sending meeting invitations to multiple emails of mine. I will double-check making meeting invitations to my external contacts in the coming weeks.

Many thanks for your help :grinning: :+1:


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