Accelerate Nextcloud in shared hosting


I come fishing some information. I recently installed Nextcloud on an OVH shared hosting, everything is fine, I find it just fantastic to have this kind of open source tools.

The problem being on the speed, everything is absolutely super long to load as it is, it is unusable. The problem being that in shared, no memcache and other system which will allow me to save a lot of loading time.

In terms of use there will be two or three of us using it, so no need to have something super fast, but it should at least be usable.

Do you have ways to save even a few seconds of loading with a shared hosting?

Thank you in advance to those who will take the time to share their advice.

Hello Kyllian,

I have used Nextcloud for several years on OVH shared hosting (Pro then Performance) and without memcache, the performance is good for normal use by less than 10 users. If you could provide some more info maybe I can help you more about your speed problems.

Kind Regards

We are on a shared hosting and have installed both Apcu, Redis and Opcache. Document server is running on a separate docker server. It works really well. You need a good hosting provider, check things like i/o speed limits, cpu, ram and of course the type of server and discs.