About version info sharing?


I am a NextCloud ver.13 administrator.
And I implemented version plugin appli.
It’s very useful for us. Additionally our requirement is that who updated or added the file.
Is this requirement applicable by version appli or another plugin appli ??

If I understood you correctly Auditing App will help you: [Solved] NC14.03 - Audit.log - Location

Thank you for your answer.
I already installed Audit appli. And I can recognize each user’s activities (create, update, delete). But I can not understand that how each user to recognize each activities history on files page or file details. I can show my activities on file details panel’s version tab. I want to see that all users can recognize that who and when create or update the target file by same tab.

Ether click on dots near each folder/file and select details then activity, you will see all activities in regard to this folder/file.

Or try to use Activity App under: https://yourDomain/index.php/apps/activity/. Just enable it if disabled in your NC installation.