About the radio category

This is the category for the Radio app!!

Are there any details available on adding radio stations to the list? Many thanks!

The app uses Radio-Browser.info database as backend, look there if you want to add a station :slight_smile:

The app is really nice but the “categories” button does not work. So one has to use the search to find stations. If this is fixed, it will be awesome!

Looking forward to implement this ::+1:

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Very nice to have the RADIO option, but unfortunately it only works a long as the RADIO APP Screen is open… as soon as I switch e.g. to CALENDAR or any other APP… radio/sound is gone…

Would be really nice to have the radio stream/s running as background in any part/section of the Nextcloud web screens
maybe just with a mute/play button in the “top app bar” on the web screen ??



Just started trying out the app and its great but it would be cool to search or directly add your own. I dont know if that is possible or but it would be cool. Thank for your hard work!

The app breaks the security of my https cloud because of mixed content. I guess it connects to http sites in the background.