About saving files of Onlyoffice

I am now comparing Onlyoffice (community) and Collabora (DODE).
I create documents or spreadsheets by Onlyoffice. Then open it using Collabora or mount it with WebDAV and open it with MS Office on Windows.

At this time, the contents processed by Onlyoffice are not saved. If the user creates new data for Onlyoffice and opens it elsewhere, the content is blank. In the case of additional editing of an existing file, the added content is ignored. It looks like Onlyoffice and Collabora are different dimensions in the same file.

If the user opens it by Onlyoffice, it is saved without any problems.
In other words, users need to concentrate on Onlyoffice. If we use Onlyoffice, we should not use Collabora or MS Office. Is this the behavior that Onlyoffice is aiming for?

CentOS 7.7, Nginx 1.16.1, PHP 7.3.14, ONLYOFFICE 4.1.4, Community Document Server 0.1.5

I don’t see how that could be prevented given the collaborative nature of OnlyOffice.
You might get better results using the “strict” collaboration mode though.

Somewhat related, but is it only me or does the new community document server not allow manual saving of files? Autosave works fine though.

This phenomenon is really strange.

I am not editing the file at the same time. I do not co-edit at this time.

I generate files in Collabora and MS Office. It is assumed that “ABC” is entered there. Then add “XYZ” to the file using Onlyoffice. Then close the file.

In this state, first open the file by Collabora or MS Office. Then, “XYZ” is not added. Then I disable Collabora and enable Onlyoffice. Then open the file with Onlyoffice. Then “XYZ” is added. Are two types of data stored in one file? *This is the same whether OOXML or odf.

does the new community document server not allow manual saving of files?
I can’t do a manual save either.

Have you tried waiting a bit after entering XYZ in OnlyOffice for the autosave to trigger? Also I think the autosave triggers when you use the top right x button to close OnlyOffice instead of just navigating away from it via the NC menu.

of course. I leave it for a few minutes after input. Above all, close the file and reopen the application. If saving failed, XYZ is not recorded when reopening the file.

I have the same issue, I use Nextcloud Desktop app in order to open the files locally but the content is blank, in my case I am using LibreOffice, also I tried copying from the server filesystem, the content is blank anyway.

Is there a way to avoid that?

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