Able to delete read-only documents

Not sure if this is a Windows 11 or Nextcloud issue. Consider the following document in a group folder where the user doesn’t have delete or write permissions, effectively read-only:

The document is read-only in properties (as one would expect?) except I’m able to delete it! Nextcloud spots I’ve deleted a read-only file and restores it but Shirley, I shouldn’t be able to delete it in the first place?


The local filesystem allows you to do so. As you are the owner of the file you can set attributes and many things more e.g. renaming a file. All this actions will be reverted after checking with the server.

Nextcloud does not use filesystem properties, it uses webdav to check if you are allowed to delete a file on the server.

btw. you did not write anything about NC version, client version, local folder sync or virtual file system. Do this next time to make it easier to help.

I believe the read-only attribute, at least on more recent versions of Windows, prevents modification but not deletion. I can’t test that at the moment (I don’t have my Windows environment online) nor find a truly authoritative source but:

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Latest version of everything. Looks like read-only doesn’t prevent deletion on Windows. Bit strange but I guess it’s been like that forever.


Which version is this tomorrow?