Ability to ignore link share restrictions for admins / certain user groups

Dear team,

we’re using NC happily for years, are now facing a situation where I believe we may have hit limitations. Just want to confirm. We’ve been facing the situation that there were thousands upon thousands of link shares created from various users. In our case, there are two use cases for link shares:

  • Durable link shares - we use the plugin to generate static share tokens for this, its basically for documents we link on our homepage for example
  • Temporary link shares - either between users or for us to temporarily expose something to a wider audience

We’d want to enforce an expiration date for all link shares (mainly use case 2), but exempt certain users from that (either admins, or members of one or more groups).

Is that possible? I’ve seen a PR disabling link shares completely based on group membership (see Add option to exclude groups from creating link shares by icewind1991 · Pull Request #26727 · nextcloud/server · GitHub), but thats not really what we’re after.

Any ideas how to achieve this?


Does 'sharing.allow_disabled_password_enforcement_groups' => false, help?


I don’t know how it interacts with expiration dates.

Interesting thought, it basically does what we want, just for the password. A similar option for the expiry date would be awesome. Haven’t found something like that in the configuration section, so I assume it might be a feature request?

For now we can probably use this feature as a work around though.