Ability to adjust or remove preview pane

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Is there any way to adjust the iOS app preview pane size or close it? We have files with long filenames and they are getting cut-off.


I don’t think that it is possible to hide the previews. Have you tried to turn your mobile so that the names are correctly displayed on the screen?

Please add a screenshot to show your issue.

Are they cut-off or shortened?

Pane = Panel ?

Hey, yes the preview panel to the side of the filenames when in Landscape mode is what I’m referring to. The filenames are shortened in the middle of the text, which makes sense but it would be nice to be able to move the divider or close the preview panel (similar to how you can expand it by hitting the maximize button) when you just want to see the file names. It works better in Portrait mode, but there is just not enough room for the filenames in that view.

I’ve attached a screenshot

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Currently it seems that there is no possibility to configure the Nextcloud App to show long filenames completely. I do have the same problem and would love to get a solution to resize and remove the preview pane.

I do have the same problem. So I opt in for changing the size of the preview pane or the ability to close it.

So, it looks like there is demand for it.

Time to check for already existing issues at GitHub. File a new one if no one fits your needs.

There is already a issue placed on GitHub on 26. of October 2019.

Need variable column size for file names #972

I place a comment under this issue linking to this thread.