Aaaand desktop client 3.2 RC3 is here!

Time for a new RC with only a few minor changes:

Known issue: Freeze due to Windows VFS .lnk files sync issue with QFileInfo (QFileInfo Class | Qt Core 5.15.3 .lnk section here). We are working on this, but welcome any other reports on issues.

As a reminder, this client will introduce a lot of changes to our sync engine, which should resolve many performance and reliability issues. We also introduce the Status feature, read-only for now, and of course the virtual file system/virtual drive. The virtual drive approach is different from our earlier work, we had to re-boot our technical approach as it basically turned out to be impossible to make it work reliably in all cases. Long story, I plan to write a few more details in our release blog.
The release is scheduled for next week provided we can fix that freeze issue so please test test test - this is the last chance!

Download: Release Release 3.2.0-rc3 · nextcloud/desktop · GitHub


I’ve quickly tested, and It seems to segfault when I want to add a second account !

Erreur de segmentation (core dumped)

And here is the version :

./Nextcloud-3.2.0-rc3.AppImage --version
Nextcloud version 3.1.83git (build 5297)
Git revision be6e0f26df7ff0e5a8abc3bc596482872443caed
Using Qt 5.12.9, built against Qt 5.12.9
Using Qt platform plugin 'xcb'
Using 'OpenSSL 1.1.1g  21 Apr 2020'
Running on Ubuntu 20.10, x86_64
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Works fine on KDE Neon with Plasma 5.21.3. However, in the settings page both my account show up as “connected”, and the green ok symbol is displayed. But in the blue header bar of the client there is displayed “Offline” beside my account name.

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Thanks for the report.
As I cannot reproduce, please can you feel an issue on Github and please provide the desktop client logs:

  • Since 3.1: Under the “General” settings, you can click on “Create Debug Archive …” to pick the location of where the desktop client will export the logs and the database to a zip file.

Thanks for the tests and report. We are working on fixes for the header bar so it will eventually get fixed.

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