A sort of Confluence plugin?

Hi NC community.

Hope everyone is safe and healthy in this weird era. Ill go straight to the point, I am looking for a Confluence-like plugin for Nextcloud but didn’t find any. I know theres many plugins so maybe I haven’t been able to find it. I apologies in advance if it’s the case.

Basically my needs would be:

  • Create documentation pages with:
  1. Possibility to format the information with horizontal bars, headers, code sections and tables would be awesome.
  • Be able to share those pages amongst the users

Nothing too fancy. Please let me know if it already exists. Thank you!

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I concur that would be an immense improvement for corporate use cases.
Atlassian is an extremely agressive company commercialy.
Also, they have dropped support for self-hosted environnements.
They request you keep your data in their cloud. This last point is an opportunity for Nextcloud to jump in.
I know for a fact (and unfortunately by exprience myself) that many users and companies have their hands tied to Atlassian, because no alternative allows them to migrate documentation it has taken years to build…

I truly beleive having such a feature, allowing users to have a centralised documentation platform within nextcloud, providing privacy for information, and ease of access to information, would be a game changer for Nextcloud, and its users.

My goodness, many users would install Nextcloud just for this feature…

Beyond a simple Markdown text editor (in WYSIWYG), the most challenging features are :

  • pluggin integration to insert into pages tables, idraw diagrams, language specific code blocks, table of contents in pages,…
  • Hierarchical tree structure of pages, grouped by “spaces” like as many different books containing chapters
  • advanced search by keywords found in page titles, page contents,
  • insert attachments into pages (images and files, pdf, etc… with previews)



Thank you for your input @efftee - If only I had time and programming skills. I would gladly help.

I think what you mentioned is all true. I worked for two quite big companies in the last year and we ended up building a NC for one of those cause they needed self hosting. In the end, they would have dropped Atlassian that is extremely expensive if NC had such feature. I think NC and it’s current plugins list has all the others needed features for companies.

Let’s cross our fingers. Maybe some team is already working on such things. Time will tell.

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