A simple interface to transfer files like wetransfer in nextcloud

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Could you please let me know if it is possible to have a simple user interface for transfert files as https://wetransfer.com/ in nextcloud.

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I would also love to have that feature. At the moment, sharing via E-Mail works, but you have to wait until the upload is finished, before you can enter an E-Mail address. Wetransfer works the other way around: it first asks for E-Mail, comment and file and then the upload and sending will happen automated.

Strange: If you want to share via E-Mail in Nextcloud - the E-Mail is directly sended after you wrote it down in the text field of the share dialogue. If you want to add a note to the recipient a second E-Mail is sended. I think a “Send” button after writing the note, setting the other variables, etc, would be better.

It is possible to share by link, so you send an email with a link to the target, on clicking the link target is directed to nextcloud instance where he/she can download the file…