A Share Link with Upload and Read Permissions, but not Edit?

In short:
I have a folder I’ve made for an event (wedding) I’d like to just make available for anyone who attended the event to shove pictures/videos into without needing to make an account.

What I’d like to do is share a link with the ability to upload and view the pictures, but not edit or delete what everyone else uploaded.

Is this possible with a single link?

Right now, I think I may need to just work off of 2 links which seems needlessly cumbersome: 1 with upload-only permission and another with read-only permission.

Thanks for any assistance!

I think this is not possible with public shares and without a separate user.
But i think two links are not too bad. So user can only show and only upload.

But you can perhaps use an alternative.

  • create a user wedding with an allowed password
  • set the quota to 0 GB (no upload in personal folders) for user wedding
  • add the user wedding e.g. to the group wedding
  • install Group folder
  • add in administration / group folder the group folder wedding
  • add to the group folder the group wedding
  • set the group folder to read, write and deactivate delete

Now all users can login

direkt link to dir: https://cloud.server.tld/apps/files/?dir=/wedding
direkt link with pre-inserted username: https://cloud.server.tld/login?user=wedding
I think you can not combine ist.

Username: wedding
Password: your password
Folder: wedding

You can add the group admin to the group folder with read, write and delete and then the administrator can delete wrong folders and files.

An alternative is perhaps the app File access control But there you also need an own user.
Perhaps you also can use the app Guests