A major new version: Nextcloud for iOS 2.17 is here!

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A new, big release of our iOS client was made available in the App Store yesterday! It comes with a fresh new look, built-in search, notifications, activities, synced favorites, Document Provider Extension support and many other improvements and bug fixes. Read on for a quick overview of what is new or improved.

Keyword: integration

This release is all about integrating more tightly in both iOS and Nextcloud. On the iOS side, thanks to the Document Provider Extension support you can now upload files to Nextcloud from other iOS apps. You can also use your files from within Nextcloud, sending them by email, or edit your images in another application and save them back on your Nextcloud.

The client provides auto-upload of pictures and videos which can be sorted in subfolders by date. However, if you wish to upload images separately, you can do that in a specified folder following a mask like “holiday-Italy-YY-MM.jpg” or such, keeping your digital memories organized.

See the video below.

You can also choose what folder you want to use as auto-upload for images and videos, see the video below on how to change those settings.

Activities, search and notifications

From the Nextcloud side you'll be able to follow your activity stream in the iOS app, giving you an overview on what is going on with your files. The client will also notify you of new shares, username mentions or incoming Spreed calls. The client can now sync your favorites with the server and make them optionally available offline. You can also use the server search function from within the app to find files you're looking for.

In the More menu you can find these and other items.

Other changes

There have been many other changes. For example, the Crypto Cloud System is now optional (Settings tab) and can be enabled or disabled at any point. Last but not least, there was some UI work from minor changes (the add button is now on the center of the tab bar) to bigger ones (in your account information you can see how much space is left in your Nextcloud account). It is also possible now to remove a single file from the local cache.

Of course a number of bugs were reported and have been fixed in this release as well.

As you certainly have noticed, this is a major release introducing a lot of changes and improvements! If you are an iOS user, grab your copy now from the Apple App Store!

Get the Nextcloud client for iOS

With the new app I now cannot add a favorite folder. I receive an error “Request failed: not found (404)” and on the nextcloud logs I see the error Sabre\DAV\Exception\NotFound: HTTP/1.1 404 Principal with name seba not found

Trying to troubleshoot now. Webdav works (I’ve connected to the server using a windows client with no problems).

In the nginx access log I see this line:

PROPPATCH /remote.php/dav/files/seba/Documentos HTTP/1.1" 404 237 “-” “Mozilla/5.0 (iOS) Nextcloud-iOS/2.17”

I am having the same problem with the App. When I try to make a folder or file a favorite, I get the “Request failed: not found (404)” error.

I have also noticed that things that are marked as favorites are not available offline, even though the “Favorites available offline” switch is turned on.

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The app is showing as “No longer available” in the US App Store?

Also showing as “No longer available” in the Belgian App Store?

There was a little problem with the 2.17.0 version which caused crashes on start up for some users. Therefor the app was “with drawn” to avoid more people updating to the version which causes the problem.

A new update has already been submitted to the app store.

Any more information in your nextcloud.log file?

I’ve found the errors below. I can login with ldaps and tried different users within the same phone. The same happens on iPad as well. I’ve updated to 11.0.3 and the problem happens nonetheless,

Debug Sabre\DAV\Exception\NotFound: HTTP/1.1 404 Principal with name fausti not found 2017-04-24T22:46:43-0300
Debug Sabre\DAV\Exception\NotFound: HTTP/1.1 404 Principal with name fausti not found 2017-04-24T22:46:37-0300
Debug No DN found for fausti on ldaps://xx.xxxxx.com.ar 2017-04-24T22:46:37-0300
Debug copying skeleton for B5009678-9C2A-4021-93BF-AEE90C7EB900_2470 from /media/9ef19a91-e620-4630-8472-c536435bc9c7/Nextcloud/core/skeleton to /B5009678-9C2A-4021-93BF-AEE90C7EB900_2470/files/ 2017-04-24T22:46:35-0300
Error InvalidArgumentException: The given object name is invalid
/media/9ef19a91-e620-4630-8472-c536435bc9c7/Nextcloud/apps/activity/lib/FilesHooks.php - line 906: OC\Activity\Event->setObject(‘files’, 310234, false)
/media/9ef19a91-e620-4630-8472-c536435bc9c7/Nextcloud/apps/activity/lib/FilesHooks.php - line 191: OCA\Activity\FilesHooks->addNotificationsForUser(‘B5009678-9C2A-4…’, ‘created_self’, Array, 310234, false, true, true, 0, ‘file_created’)

I really love this new improvement, thank you guys! :slight_smile:

I’ve posted this help topic to follow it up: