A Mail Notification when registering a New user

Is there a way to send an email to the admin when a new user registers an account, stating that “a new user example12345 has registered on Nextcloud"0 Alternatively, should I create an external script in my Linux environment to handle this? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.”

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Have you ever found a solution? It’s a very important feature once you start using SSOs…

yip u can go to personal settings of nextcloud admin and put the email there where u want that mail to be sent . and it will send you like "ex1234 has been registered " on that mail

mmm I do have an email address set there but I’m not getting any email about new users, I have double checked also in the notification page and there is no relevant option whatsoever. Maybe it works only if the user is created explicitly through Nextcloud as opposed to “popping up” from an external source like SSO?