A list of hosters


I thought perhaps we can create a wiki-style thread where people can find and manage a list of hosters (since the the Nextcloud Providers github repo which used to contain this information has now been archived).

(Sorted alphabetically.)

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I’m up for it, though but as one of the many independent mini hosters who built a few offerings on top of the community edition myself, I don’t want to be the one to push this topic :blush:

So I’m a bit flip-flopping on this. Perhaps people go in here for the knowledge, and that’s why I love to be here and give back whatever I know to the community. But then if such a thread exists, happy to take part in that too.

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I’ve started a list above. Might be nice to have it as a table with some additional information to compare.

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It’s a shame that the Hosting Provider, who ultimately contributed to Nextcloud’s popularity, doesn’t seem to receive any recognition. The Hosting Provider list keeps moving to where no one wants to see it. From the website to Github and now in the forum. Thanks!


I also find it bad how the community, but also Nextcloud GmbH, deals with the list of paid but also free Nextcloud providers.

It’s no wonder that the Nextcloud software is not popular with normal users. Anyone who does not operate their Nextcloud themselves or has it operated by a provider (e.g. universities or schools) will never understand how software like Nextcloud works or that a provider is necessary for this.

In addition, on the Nextcloud homepage Try Nextcloud now could give the impression that you can get an account there. But there is only a 60-minute account for which you now also have to register. What does Nextcloud GmbH do with the data? But at least you can reuse the link you receive as often as you like for new 60-minute test accounts. :wink: But I think many potential Nextcloud users have already been put off at this point.

There is also Sign up , where you currently have a choice of two providers. It could give the impression that these two Nextcloud accounts represent the entire Nextcloud cloud for end users. Here too, the Nextcloud software has probably lost many potential users. There used to be more providers here. This probably only had negative effects for both Nextcloud GmbH and the providers.

It’s no wonder that Nextcloud doesn’t appeal to the mainstream. But apparently nobody is interested in advancing Nextcloud. What a pity.

Please keep it on-topic.

The original post is a wiki, so you can edit it directly :wink:

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