A few issues with my Nextcloud 16 install. I do not see any error messages in logs [SOLVED]


Been banging my head against this. There are no apparent error messages and I think the permissions are ok (but I’m not sure) right now I have two issues.

WebDAV connections are coming up as “read only” although I can copy files via the web gui and the trashbin is not allowing me to delete files in the web gui but I can remove trash via cli using occ

The system that has Nextcloud is running Arch Linux

I have nextcloud 16 with apache, php, php-fpm, redis, and apcu. This issue popped up after updating to NC16 from NC15.

Can someone please help out here?

There appears to be a bug with the file manager I was using to copy and move files to my WebDAV mount. The issue does not occur for me using other clients. This is possibly a Thunar issue and I have reported it to my Arch Linux here: https://bugs.archlinux.org/task/62705

The server side appears to actually have no issue. Hence why I couldn’t find any error messages in any logs relating to WebDAV.