A beginner without chart [Solved]

I’m a beginner on Nextcloud 23.0.3 and analytics 4.2.1.
My server is at home.
I have a csv file with date/time in the first column (2022-04-08_02:10:01) and several numbers (interger and float separated with comma, float use dot).
I can’t find a HOWTO or documentation for beginners.
I’m french and I don’t understand your youtube video because the IHM have some difference.
I see the values in table but the chart was empty.

Hello Jerome, welcome to Nextcloud! I am missing some context. If I understand you correctly, what you want to do is to open a CSV file? What app do you want to use for opening the csv file?

Hello daphne,
Thanks for your interest
I want to use apps Analytics to automatically generate chart from CSV file.
I don’t understand how apps Analytics work.
I’m searching docs, HOWTO,…
I can’t find something to help me.

Okay, I’m sorry I don’t have experience with this app
I only found some documentation from the developer:

Yes, I read it but I don’t understand it.
I think I miss something.
Thanks for your time.

I think Analytics can’t show chart two curves in the same time like
X Axis : years
Y Axis : population
and 1 curve for Germany and 1 another for France.

I find a solution
I use CSV as :
date,value1,value2,value3,… that’s doesn’t work with apps Analytics.
Now I use CSV as :
That’s work fine. I’m happy.

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Great to hear you found a solution, Jerome!