A and B can't talk, but C can talk to A and B

NC18.0.2, Talk 8.0.5, TURN and STUN enabled.

Hey, did anyone experience this too?

Person A, B and C are in a video or voicechat.
A and B can’t hear nor talk to each other, but C can hear/talk to A and B.

Dont think it is reproducable, but happened 2 times last week.

Any info you need to debug?

Check the configuration on A & B first to make sure each properly uses their camera and mic.

  1. What are the devices? Smartphones, computers… Brands
  2. What are the OSs? Android, iOS, Windows… Versions
  3. Same version of Talk on each?
  4. How do they get online? WiFi, SIM, Ethernet…

It happened twice with the EXACT same A, B, C participants in the EXACT same setup?
Can A & B have a chat between ONLY the two of them?


I am facing the same problem. I have tested with 5 users where some users cannot see/hear others and vice-versa. The problem is quite difficult to pinpoint. Some of them were using mobile talk and others were using laptop.

Any way I can trace what is the exact problem ? is there any guideline ?

Having a meaningful audio+video conversation in a group of 5 people using Nextcloud Talk - some using mobile devices - is akin preying for a miracle…

Did you use a TURN server?


Sorry for the late response.

I am using an turn server with 32gig of ram and 16cores of processor. I didn’t find an limitations of the number of users who can communicate at the same time. I think such information should be clearly stated in NC’s site. An approximate number of persons who can communicate will greatly enhance the acceptance of this product.

Sorry got sidetracked… Both the NC and turn server is hosted in direct public IP (not even a firewall in between, it will obviously change when I have finished testing)

@rezaur Would you mind sharing your experience on As of 3/20/2020, how usable is Nextcloud Talk for a 10+ person videoconference?

Any specific tips on your Turn setup appreciated on that thread!

Thanks for your times. My turn server setup is very basic and does not have anything else running on it. I think I have installed it according to the guide provided by NC.

Do you need anything specific information ? Please do let me know. I would really like to test implement this but unfortunately, the limiting factor is quite depressing.

Awaiting feedback.

That is half of the puzzle. The other half are the users.
At least some likely connect from home, i.e. they are behind NAT (home routers)…

  1. Can you have have a reliable audio+video communication channel with just 2 users?
    With at least one of them behind NAT… If you can, your STUN/TURN server is working…

  2. If reliability problems start with more than 2 users, then it’s probably TALK…
    It is not capable of handling more than 2-3 users reliably (from my experience)
    Install a separate jitsi server or wait for the BBB app to be released…

You need a turn server.


As per my experience, 3 person can talk (video) very smoothly without any issue. But as soon as some more comes, things does not work anymore.

I have also tested the jitsi server and found 5 people can talk without any significant issue (I couldn’t get more people at the same time to join me).

Could you please elaborate on the BBB app ? What is it ?

That is my experience, too.

I had no issues 12-15 people communicating audio+video…

Have a look here


Thanks for the update. I guess NC should state somewhere that it is practically not possible to connect more then 3 users at a time, it will save a lot of time for many.

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btw I forgot to mention that yes we have STUN and TURN enabled. I added it in my first post.

Had the same issue again this week in a call with just 4 people.

Anyone know what information is needed to debug this?