64bit OnlyOffice Community Server with 32bit Raspbian

Hello lovely community,

NextCloudPi version: v1.24.0
NextCloudPi image: NextCloudPi_03-28-20
OS: Raspian GNU / Linux 10
Nextcloud version:
Hardware: Raspberry Pi 3 Model B v 1.2
PHP version: 7.3.14

Iam a little bit confused. Im trying to install Only Office Community Server on my Nextcloud system. If I want to open any document I get the error: 32 bit setup are not supported

I know that my Raspberry Pi 3 has an 64 bit CPU. To become shure I installed “lshw”:

According to this information Im running a 32 bit system with an ARMv7 CPU but my Raspberry has an ARMv8. I checked google and found out, that if you install a 32 bit Linux on a 64 bit Raspberry Pi it shows the wrong cpu information.

I used a NextcloudPi Image from “ownyourbits”. Could it be, that the Raspbian Version is 32 bit and I cant install OnlyOfice Community Server with this image?

Thanks for your help.

Onlyoffice needs a 64 bit x86, so any ARM device is of no use for it. You have to run Onlyoffice on an Intel or AMD based system.

I just remembered that your statement contradicts itself. X86 CPUs are 32 bits always, or am I totaly wrong?