503 Service Unavailable - No server is available to handle this request

version nextcloud hub 28.0.2
locally hosted.
Was editing a file, closed the browser.
Later, tried to login via ssl (https), and got the above error message.
I can log in via http, but my IOS app says the server is in maintenance mode (it isn’t).


SSL & certificates are done by HAProxy in pfsense.
Any ideas how to get my https back running - tia

A 503 is a relatively generic error. It just means your proxy can’t connect to your Nextcloud server (http).

If your Nextcloud server is functioning (which it sounds like) then some sort of connectivity problem?

The IOS app is likely just detecting that the Nextcloud server is off-line (via https) so focus your troubleshooting on HAProxy / pfsense → Nextcloud.

Solved - replacedcwith a backup.

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