502 Bad Gateway nginx AIO

I’m not experienced with PHP or with Docker, so this is a bit beyond my scope. Nginx is giving me a 502 Bad Gateway error. I’m able to log in and see the containers, and stop/start/restart containers, but I’m not able to get to the actual Nextcloud installation at cloud.mydomain.com.

Steps to reproduce

Attempt to go to cloud.mydomain.com

Expected behavior

I don’t actually know, because I’ve never used Nextcloud

Actual behavior

502 Bad Gateway

Host OS

Ubuntu 22.04 headless

Nextcloud AIO version

Whatever the current version is, I’m not sure

Current channel


Other valuable info

Please ask me for whatever you need and I’ll provide it

Hi, can you post the apache and nextcloud container logs here?

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I forget how I stumbled across it or where the link went, but I found a GitHub discussion which mentioned localhost vs in the nginx configuration. I changed mine (from localhost to and it started working like a dream!

Now I’ve got an entirely different issue, that I think is DNS-related.