423: WebDAV Locked Error on iOS with Hosted Server

Hi Nextcloud community,

I am facing a persistent “423: WebDAV Locked” error on my Nextcloud setup, which is hosted on a Raspberry Pi and installed via Docker Compose. Initially, this error occurred when I tried to upload multiple media files simultaneously from my iOS device. In an attempt to resolve this, I set up Redis for caching and updated the config.php to utilize Redis, hoping it would mitigate the issue. Unfortunately, the problem still persists.

Here are some details about my setup:

  • Server: Raspberry Pi
  • Nextcloud version: Nextcloud Hub 8 (29.0.0)
  • Client: iOS Nextcloud app
  • Caching: Redis configured for file locking
  • Installation: Docker Compose

I introduced Redis after reading it could help with file locking issues, but it hasn’t made a difference. The error mainly arises during the simultaneous upload of multiple files, which seems to indicate a resource locking issue.

Does anyone have experience with this type of situation, or are there any additional configurations or server tweaks that might help manage resource locking more effectively? Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you for your time and help!

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